Where We Started

Our company was founded in Tampa, Florida in 1987 by Byron Godwin along with his daughters and sons-in-laws, Dru and Danny Thomason and Sandra and Mitch Robb. As CEO, Byron always led the company with an emphasis on the family atmosphere, where all were welcome, and where all were on the same team working towards our collective goals. Several employees he hired are still employed to this day. He strived to make each employee better and successful, even if it was not with us, and was pleased when those he mentored went on to start their own businesses. He passed in 2002 and at 76 was still working, because he loved what he was doing. We are proud of our past and look forward to our future!

Byron Godwin
The TBPM Family Today

Where We Are Now

Sandra Robb is our President and oversees TBPM’s operations. Dru and Danny Thomason have retired but are active advisory board members. Mitch Robb is our Senior Vice President overseeing facilities and equipment. The future of TBPM lies with the third generation of family. Matt Thomason has been here for over 25 years and is Vice President, active license holder and Director of Field Operations. Stewart Robb has been here since 2016 and is Vice President and Director of Administration.